User Responsibilities

  1. To read all of the relevant website information, understand and follow Briggs Facility rules, respect Facility Equipment, Management and other Users, attend User Meetings (when possible). Schedules for these will be posted at 
  2. To provide personnel and samples to carry out cyroEM-SPR experiments (estimate for a complete project: ≥50% graduate student/post-doc; for feasibility study 25-50% graduate student/post-doc).
  3. To participate in and document all relevant safety trainings provided by Safety Services and the Facility, and to verify with Facility Staff that all required training has occurred prior to commencing a procedure.
  4. To anticipate and plan for the expected costs of carrying out a cryoEM-SPR project and provide viable account numbers to pay for Facility resources that are recharged.
  5. To provide and/or purchase all consumable materials related to sample preparation.
  6. To organize the computational resources and labor to support the later phases of a structure determination, if applicable.
  7. Acknowledge Facility resources and assistance in published papers, posters or other formats (an Acknowledgements Statement for BioEM can be found on the BioEM website)