About Us

The Biological Electron Microscopy Facility (BioEM) is run by the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology with support from the College of Biological Sciences and the Office of Research. BioEM provides electron microscopy imaging services to the UC Davis campus community.  The facility encompasses expertise and imaging systems to support research programs in biology, biochemistry, biophysics and medicine and across the spatial resolution scale from imacromolecular assemblies, subcellular organelles, and tissues. The experienced BioEM staff members provide training and services in sample preparation and imaging. BioEM has two separate units and locations. 

The Single Particle EM Facility is located in the College of Biological Sciences in Briggs Hall. Its centerpiece is a new ThermoFisher Scientific Glacios microscope outfitted with a Gatan K3 detector for atomic resolution imaging of biological macromolecules using cryoelectron microscopy and single particle reconstruction. Work is user-driven with training provided by the Facility, and microscope use is provided on a recharge basis. For more information, visit the Users tab on our website. You can also email Faculty Director Enoch Baldwin or Technical Director Fei Guo

The Tissue/Cellular EM Facility is located in the School of Medicine in Tupper Hall and provides tissue and cellular sample preparation, embedding, sectioning, and immunoprocessing for visualization of cellular ultrastructure using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Sample preparation, equipment use and imaging services are provided on a recharge basis, although users can also be trained to work independently. For more information, visit the Services and Rates tab of our website, or contact Faculty Co-Director Paul Fitzgerald or Technician Bradley Shibata.