About Us

The Biological Electron Microscopy facility is a full-service facility run by the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology that provides diverse electron microscopy (EM) imaging services to the UC-Davis campus community.  The facility encompasses expertise and imaging systems to support diverse research programs in biology, medicine and chemistry across the spatial resolution scale from imaging macromolecular assemblies, subcellular organelles and to visualizing whole-preserved multicellular tissues.

The experienced staff members of the EM facility provide training, sample preparation services, and imaging at two locations: College of Biological Sciences located in Briggs Hall and School of Medicine located in Tupper Hall.  Electron microscopy imaging remains an essential tool for biological, biomedical, and chemistry research programs.

As the only biological EM facility on the campus with focus and expertise in sample preparation and electron microscopy imaging strategies, the Biological EM Facility holds a critical and strategic importance for the UC Davis research community and their funding and for the recruitment and support of future research programs and collaborations in the biological and medical sciences in the campus.