This is a basic list of equipment available at the BioEM facility. Please use the links at the left for more details:

ThermoFisher Glacios

  • K3 Direct Electron Detector
  • ThermoFisher Ceta 4kx4k
  • GPU workstation for movie alignments
  • SerialEM (D. Mastronarde, Boulder Lab)
  • Automated image processing pipeline

JEOL 2100F

  • DE-20 Direct Electron Detector
  • SerialEM (D. Mastronarde, Boulder Lab)
  • Semi-automated data collection

JEOL 1230

  • LaB6 filament
  • TVIPS TemCam F214 CCD camera

ThermoFisher Talos 120C

  • ThermoFisher Ceta 4kx4k

Carbon Evaporator

  • Denton Vacuum Bench Top Turbo III

Plunge Freezer

  • FEI Vitrobot MkIII

Side entry cryo-specimen holder

  • Gatan 626 cryo-holder