Images of Glacios

ThermoFisher Glacios

Thermo Fisher Glacios is the state-of-the-art and the only electron microscope at UC Davis which is capable to produce < 3Å resolution 3-D reconstruction for single particle cryo-EM projects. Equipped with X-FEG optics, Gatan K3 direct electron detector, and automation software (SerialEM), it can produce up to 1300 images/day (stage shift) and possible 3000 images/day (image shift) for any data demanding project. An autoloader allows up to 12 grids to be parked inside the microscope for high throughput screening. The quad-GPU enabled computational pipeline allows on the fly motion correction and image pre-processing. A 90TB storage server on a 10Gbit network is also installed for fast data transfer and storage.

  • K3 Direct Electron Detector
  • ThermoFisher Ceta 4kx4k
  • GPU workstation for movie alignments
  • SerialEM (D. Mastronarde, Boulder Lab)
  • Automated image processing pipeline