Facilities Statement for Proposals

The UC Davis BioEM Facility is located in Briggs Hall, in the center of the UC Davis main campus.  This facility contains a JEOL JEM-1230 electron microscope used for sample optimization via negative stain and a JEOL JEM-2100F electron microscope with Direct Electron (DE)-20 detector for cryo-EM grid screening and optimization. A recently installed Thermo Scientific 200 kV Glacios electron microscope with GATAN K3 detector and autoloader is used for high-resolution grid screening and data collection. The facility contains an EMS 100X glow discharger, FEI Vitrobot Mach III and Bench Top Turbo III carbon coater for cryo-EM grid preparation. The facility manager Dr. Fei Guo has extensive experience with grid optimization and high-resolution data collection for single-particle cryo-EM structure determination. In addition to the necessary computational resources for operating the microscopes the Facility contains two dual-GPU, 12-cpu computers and two Quad-GPU 24-cpu computers for on-the-fly and routine data processing, as well as a 130 TB storage array.