Briggs Facility Rules

  1. Facility Use REQUIRES prior consultation with and approval of Fei Guo
  2. Required Safety Trainings
    • LSF Training, Lab-specific training (Fei), SOPs for uranyl acetate 
    • Liq. N2 Training
    • Vitrobot (liquid ethane SOP)
    • PPE requirements
      • Long pants, closed toed shoes
      • Cotton Lab Coat
      • Blue (flameproof) coat  for liquid ethane use
      • Face Shield
      • Chemical splash goggles
  3. Required Machine Trainings (Fei Guo)
    • Vitrobot
    • Glow Discharger (for grids)
    • Carbon Coater (for grids)
    • JEOL 1230
    • JEOL 2100
    • Glacios
  4. Machine Usage Rules
    • Receive and document training before using any equipment
    • Do not proceed with use if unsure, ASK FEI GUO
    • Book time on calendar in advance and adhere to schedules, cancel reservations if not needed
    • Sign logbook (if required) after each use
    • Notify Fei Guo IMMEDIATELY if there are any equipment problems (failure to do so will result in suspension of Facility privileges)
    • When microscopes are not in use, either turn off filament (JEOL 1230) or close the column valve (JEOL 2100 and Glacios). Failing to do this may irreversibly damage the equipment)
    • Microscopes: Do not focus beam on screen for longer than 30 seconds (otherwise the screen or camera will be damaged)
    • Turn other machines off (as instructed by Fei) after each use